Food Pantry Day

So today for the first time in a long time I get to go to our local food pantry at church and distribute food.  I’ve been scheduling badly and scheduling appointments on my second Thursdays and not being able to go.  But this month I made sure that I could.

We pass out nonperishable goods such as soups, dry goods, canned goods, anything you can think of to pass out.  We sometimes have fresh foods courtesy of the government food bank, such as potatoes, eggs, frozen meats, tomatoes, etc.  We currently holding a food drive because summer is a high-demand time for us and we need more food than usual.

We have some sad cases.  We know some details about their lives, but not many.  We serve a good many grandmothers raising grandchildren, sometimes up to four or so at a time.  We serve single people who are surviving on disability payments and need food assistance.  A lot of older people who are alone without support.  We also take walk-ins if we have food available–people who have heard about us that we don’t normally serve month to month.  We do our best not to turn anyone away.  We’re very blessed in that we are part of a computerized system of food banks and other benevolence ministries in that we can check to see if someone is receiving assistance from multiple places to cut down on people trying to take advantage of us.

When Bob and I were having trouble, I envisioned having to go to this place and get food assistance if we did break up.  I’m gad to be a part of the ministry and hope that we can continue to help people in need like I almost was.  I no longer live in that fear, but I’m glad to know that if something happened to Bob otherwise, that there are places like this one that someone like me can go to for help.


4 thoughts on “Food Pantry Day

  1. I grew up with a terminally ill parent and a good chunk of our weekly food came from a food bank. I am grateful that there are people in the world that remember others don’t have it as well and can find it in their heart to help out.


  2. We do out best where we are. We’re only able to help each family on a monthly basis, but that’s better than nothing. We really need the food that’s going to come through the food drive we’re holding–I was shocked at how low we were this morning. But somehow it always adds up to enough.


  3. I’m glad it’s there as well and glad to be in ministry with other people who work there with me. I’m just about the youngest of the lot; we have a college student who works with my group but other than that it’s mostly retired people. Which is fine–they’re a great bunch to work with.


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