Rehearsal Day

The big dance recital is tomorrow, so tonight is the rehearsal at the site of the recital.  It is always a trial.  You go and wait around forever for your time to practice, and each class had three dances to practice.  SO it can be one more ordeal.  But we will see how it goes.

My oldest is taking a summer class in film where she gets to watch movies and take quizzes on them.  Lucky for her they’re all based on comic books that she likes to read.  She’s finding out it isn’t the easy A she thought it would be–but I think she’ll pull through with one eventually.  I hope so anyway.

The middle child is taking Driver’s Education this month and learning a lot.  She already has her license, but she’s taking it for the insurance discount. She doesn’t have her car yet–we’re going to work on that likely next weekend..SO we will see how that works out as well.


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