An Eventful Weekend

Well, we were very busy this weekend!  My younger two daughters had their dance recital for the end of the year.  IT was their teacher’s 50th dance recital, and she had fifty numbers, each one celebrating each year of her professional life.  But it really was wonderful to celebrate with her.  We’ve been there for fourteen of those years, so just like everyone else, we have our own tradition now of going to the recital and enjoying it.  Luckily this year she was able to do it in the afternoon instead of at night so my parents could come.  THey had come to the small competitions when my middle girl was younger but had never been to a recital.   They seemed to enjoy it except for some of the louder numbers–my dad is hard of hearing and loud music creates havoc with his hearing aids.

Then yesterday we celebrated the two older girls’ birthdays with our family. The oldest and the middle have birthdays two days apart in April, but we had to wait for the oldest to come home from college to celebrate them together.  They got  lot of fun stuff and some practical as well, so that went well.  It was short–Bob’s parents had to catch a flight to Dallas on their way to Australia for a month, and his sister’s family had some obligations to go to.  But we enjoyed the company while we had it and hugged everyone goodbye when it was over.

So this week is the last week of school for my younger ones, so they are looking forward to Friday when they get out.  The middle one is going to work for my husband’s company occasionally as a file clerk, and the youngest has dance commitments until July.  WE have a family trip to St. Louis planned and a trip for dance planned as well.  Both younger ones are going to summer camp, and the oldest is looking for work and taking a couple of summer classes online.  So we look forward to an eventful summer this year.

Hope everyone had a good week–keep reading!



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