Slowing Down

I’m noticing that as life is finally slowing down, so am I.  I want to spend more time sleeping.  That’s usually not a good sign of things to come with me,.  I’m out of school so I don’t have the pressure of going to class in the mornings anymore, tempting me to sleep in every day.  I’ve been doing it, justifying myself with the fact that we’ve been so busy I need it.  But I think it’s starting to get beyond that.  Once the kids get out of school, I’ll be able to sleep a little later than I do waking up to see them off to school.  But I don’t need to get into the habit of sleeping my life away again.

I have scheduled a date for my hysterectomy.  It’s going to be July 14, after we come back from dance competition.  I am just about tired of dealing with this bleeding after almost a year of it, so I am just going to have it done and deal with whatever the consequences are.  I’m only removing the uterus, so hopefully my hormone functions will continue as normal and nto affect the bipolar.  That’s the plan at this point.

I need to tell my school I won’t be returning in the fall because I won’t be recovered enough by then to teach, according to the doctor’s discussion.  I don’t know about after that.  We will have to see.

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Blessings!


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down”

  1. Just give yourself a big hug, you did deserve to sleep in a couple days.

    The hysterectomy should go just fine, I had it and it was the best thing I ever did for myself….well, for the family too!

    Love thru Christ,



    1. Thanks for the encouragement–I think I’m going to need it coming up. I just wish I could have it earlier but we have trips scheduled for June and July and I need to get through those first. SO we will see how it goes.


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