Old Friends

We’re going to meet some longtime friends tonight for dinner–their son graduated high school this year and we need to deliver him a graduation present.  We’re going to a spiffy burger place where they live, so that should be fun.

We’ve been friends since college–Brian was a friend of Bob’s, and once he started dating Mary, me and her hit it off as well.  We got married a week apart, our kids are really close in age, we almost picked the same china patterns for our weddings, and now Mary and I are both having hysterectomies this summer :).  We’ve been through a lot together–my illness, Mary’s breast cancer fight, being SAHM’s, and going back to work teaching.

It’s so nice having friends you don’t have to explain yourselves to.  We have a lot of the same interests and have so much fun talking when we get together–about any and everything.  Brian shares Bob’s comic book hobby, except he doesn’t collect like Bob does.  Mary and I love to talk cooking and teaching stories.  We have the same taste in TV and movies, and all our kids are smart as whips.  So we have a lot in common that’s kept us together all these years.

SO we renew the friendship tonight and get to talk and have fun.  Hope everyone has a blessed Memorial Day!


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