Waiting Time

So my department head called today to confirm I wasn’t returning to teach this fall.  She said she was finding people to cover my classes and not to worry while I was off on surgery.  She wanted to know if I was returning in the spring, and I had to say I was not sure.

I’m very unsettled in this department.  I have applied to graduate school and have not yet gotten my official notice from the university that I have been accepted.  SO I do not know what to tell anyone about my future.  The head of the creative writing department that I have applied to says as far as he’s concerned, I’ve been accepted, but I’m leery of talking too much about it until the university sends me an official notice.  I don’t like being in a waiting place–it’s very frustrating and unnerving to me to not have  any idea what the future holds.

I will just have to wait on God and see what is going to happen.  Pray for me to have patience during this time and not try to force anything before its time.

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