The DInner

So we had dinner with The Boyfriend last night.  He came a little early before dinner was officially ready.  So he and Bob talked for a bit about where he wants to go to school and what he wants to major in.  Then we sat around the table and talked about various and sundry topics–a little politics, a little food, etc.  Then we went to the den to watch a movie which we largely talked through, then he and my daughter went to our kids den to talk and play cards.  (She beat him in every game they played).  So then they talked and around nine Bob told them to wind things up. We talked to them again for a minute to get an idea of what all they wanted to do together and how often, details like that.

SO I got the house cleaned up enough to suit me, at least in our living areas.  He seems like a nice enough boy  She met him at church, which is always a plus.  He’s  little older than she is, but not too much.  He is out of high school, working and going to college locally this fall.  So we will see how this plays out.  If it’s like most of her ‘romances” to date, it may not take long for them to revert back to being friends. But this time is the first time she gets to actually date somebody, so it may be different.  But he was a brave one and came here to beard the lions, so we have to give him points for that as well.


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