Epic News!

I can finally officially let the cat out of the bag.

I’ve been accepted for a Master of Fine Arts Program in creative writing at the Mississippi University for Women!  I’m going back to school!

This process has actually gone pretty quickly–I found out about the program and late April and immediately felt God’s hand on it.  I’ve been looking into MFA programs for years, but moving somewhere to go to school was not appealing, nor was taking an online program at a university I knew nothing about.  They were just approved to offer it last year, and I will be in their first class of students to enroll.  I know the school’s reputation for producing teachers, which may be what this process will lead me to doing more of.  It’s almost all online, with me being required to be on campus about once a year, but the campus is only two hours away.  So that is not much of a drive at all.  And I have enough money in my savings from my teaching salary that I can pay for it outright and not have to take on any loans!  Since I won’t be living on campus, that will cut the traditional cost to attend there in about half. So that is exciting as well.

I’ve been waiting on the official word from the university to mention it and finally got it yesterday.  I plan to take classes in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and playwriting, as well as literature.  THey even offer a class for blogging, which I’m definitely going to take this fall.  So we will see where this adventure takes me.  Hopefully to new heights in writing and refining my nonfiction memoir into a publishable book.

7 thoughts on “Epic News!

    • I think it really will be. I’m trying to figure out what classes to sign up for this fall semester. I think it will be a class on blogging and new media. SO that will be interesting. I’m looking forward to it.


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