Updated Good News

Two bits for this morning–

My middle daughter is now officially a driver because we bought her car yesterday afternoon.  Just in time for her to drive herself to volunteer for Vacation Bible School next week.  She’s helping out with the kids snacks.  She bought a 2015 Honda CR-V.  Electric blue so she can find it in the parking lot, she says.  So she was very excited about that.

THe oldest has found a job for the summer!  It’s not restaurant work, but she’s working in a great environment at a Christian daycare–the one that brought her up.  THe current director was the assistant director when our kids were there and remembers our family really well.  We’ve stayed somewhat involved with it–donating items to it occasionally when we find out there’s a need.  So they know us and we know them, which could be a good thing while she’s there.

SO we’re being flooded with blessings right now and feel really good about what all is going to be happening this summer and fall.   Thanks for all the prayers through this transition time and keep watching this space for more as the summer goes on.  Blessings to all of you!


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