Plans for Fall

I’m starting work lining up my creative writing class for homeschoolers for this fall.  I had three names from this spring that were interested and so I called them first.  All three still sound interested, so I am hoping to get one more and have a nice little four-person class for two months.  I don’t think it should interfere with my classes since I’ll be finished before I have to go up to the W for a conference they’re holding in October.  And I want to keep working at something so I don’t feel like a total leech at home.  Talked to three interested mamas this morning, and they all still sound interested so maybe it will pan out for this semester.

I’m gong to write my advisor this morning and get my enrollment information so I can sign up for classes.  I’m just going to take the one writing for new media class and see how it goes.  If things go well both in fall and spring, I may sign up for two classes next fall.  I think the new media class will be the most challenging one because I am technologically challenged.  I was told back in 2007 that I had a nonverbal learning disorder, and I’m not sure he isn’t right.  I have a hard time learning things with my hands.  But we will see.

My mood is really up considering it’s summertime.  I’m not manic; I’m not making grandiose plans or anything like that.  BUt for the first time in a long time, I feel just garden-variety happy.  I’ve made it into the graduate program and have so much to look forward to there, and my kids are doing well, and my husband seems content with everything that is going on.  I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get a few more years of stability under my belt and I can hopefully get a real, live, full-time job after the degree.  I want to.  I don’t want to be on disability the rest of my life.  So we will see.  I’m already praying about what I need to be looking at after I finish.  So we will see.

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