Healthy Again

So my middle child is back up to speed and gone to Vacation Bible School this morning with her little sister.  THe middle one helps with snacks for all the kids that go.  So she will be busy this morning and she’s getting together with friends this afternoon for games at the coffeeshop.  She missed out on a date with the boyfriend, so I’m sure they’ll reschedule that soon.  We have tutoring and dance this afternoon for the little one as well so life is returning to its normal busy self.

I feel a lot better than I did at the first of the week–the leaden feeling is gone and I’m ready to go with a list of reading to start on for my classes this fall.  Found some of the required books through the local library, so that was nice.  The others I’m going to have to order and buy later this summer when I’m down with my surgery and have time to read.  🙂  Twelve books total, some novels, some poetry collections, and some essay collections.  I’ll probably donate them back to the local library when I’m finished with them unless there’s some I really like; those I’ll keep.

Sent off my next guest post for “Defying Shadows” on applying for disability in America..  Talked about my experience applying myself and about how Social Security goes about evaluating a mental illness claim.  So we will see when that gets posted.  Hopefully they like it and will take more from me as well.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

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