Little Pleasures

Bob went to the grocery store for me last week and found Dr. Pepper made with REAL SUGAR in cans.  Throwback cans and the whole bit.  I remember when all the soft drinks we made with sugar.  THen slowly, slowly they started replacing it with high fructose corn syrup.  Supposedly to our health detriment.  Whatever.  I’m just glad Bob found them and brought home a twelve pack.

Getting packed for our trip.  We head out to St. Louis this week and I’ll be on hiatus from blogging.  But we all hope to have fun and get to relax for a little while.

My youngest just went off with her friends to watch the dollar movie at the local theater.  Hopefully she will have fun.  The middle child has run off to the band hall to practice her music, and the oldest is off work today.  So it looks like a slow day around here.  Which is another little pleasure I am going to enjoy.

Thank goodness for simple pleasures.

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