THe pacing is getting more and more worrisome.  I find myself just wandering around the house not accomplishing anything.  I don’t know if I’m really having high energy or not.  I’m just bored right now.  I’m reading on my books for my course this fall, but for some reason at certain times of the day I just feel like I need to move around.  I wonder what is causing all this.

But I’m tired at the same time.  Sleepy is more the feeling.  I don’t do a lot to get physically tired.  But I just want to go to back to sleep.  It’s very frustrating. I have things I need to do  but I don’t feel like doing them.  I just want to sleep or pace around.  If I could get something done pacing, it would feel so bad.

I just want to feel normal again.  I know that I’m really functioning on a higher level than I have been since I was diagnosed, but I want to feel like my old self again sometimes.

Packing and getting ready for vacation. Will probably be on hiatus while I’m gone, so feel free to wander through the archives  while I’m gone. Hope everyone has s good week.

3 thoughts on “Pacing

  1. That’s the misery of it–I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and can’t walk on concrete without it hurting. So I should be able to go out and walk and lose weight and all, but I can’t. So that is the worst thing about it. I do get the house picked up okay wandering like that, so that’s the only good thing.


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