St. Louis

So we’re back from vacation and back in the swing of things.  We had a good trip, considering the flooding going on in the area.  We had some attractions we couldn’t get into, like the Arch and the Basilica, and others that for one reason or another were inaccessible.  But we did get to Hannibal where Mark Twain grew up and spent the day there learning about his life and writing.  We spent one day going along the Missouri RIver visiting small towns such as Defiance, where Daniel Boone spent the last years of his life–we visited the Boone house and enjoyed that quite a bit.  We ate in some interesting places such as an Italian restaurant in Louisiana, Missouri and a really classy steakhouse outside St. Louis.  We spent a whole day driving up and another whole day driving back, so that was a lot of togetherness discussing the issues of the day and other topics.

I held up pretty well.  I got tired easily but went to bed early every night to compensate for that.  We did just enough to keep busy–Terrie got sick Saturday afternoon and we had to go back to the room to let her rest for a while, which gave me the chance to take a catnap as well.  But we had a good time in our own way and are ready to get back to normal life until my surgery in July.

I go see my counselor tomorrow and get to catch her up on things.  I’ve read up on the updates for  my MFA program and learned quite a bit last night about what it’s going to be like.  I hope I’m up to the challenge–I’m having trouble wading through the first book I’m having to read and wondering if my attention span or my comprehension is gone for good.   Maybe once I have my surgery I can slow down enough to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be getting out of them.  We will see.

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