Looks Like Rain

It’s thundering and overcast here–hopefully the rain will blow through quickly and my little one can go swimming this afternoon.  We will see.  It’s looks more like November outside than June right now

I’m getting to where I’m not even hearing the alarm clock go off in the morning I’m so sleepy.  Bob had to wake me up to say bye in the morning today.  I’m doing as much sleeping as I can get away with so maybe I will have more energy, but it just doesn’t work that way.

FInished the.book I was talking about–the Howard book.  It held up throughout the entire reading.  I was so gratified at the ending and how well it turned out.  It gave me hope for the future of fiction in America.  If only more books as humane and honest as that one were published.

SO now I’m waiting on the rest of my books to come in from Barnes and Noble.  I’ll hopefully finish them all before October  THat is the idea anyway.


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