Another Slow Day

Took the small one swimming this morning and that is about all I have accomplished.  Bob said I didn’t sleep well last night–he said I was thrashing around in my sleep and kept him awake.  I don’t remember any bad dreams or anything like that.  So he is exhausted and tired today.  I was sleepy this morning, but what else is new?

Had another girl sign up for my creative writing class this fall.  I hope to get two more and am wondering if teaching two will be worth it.  Today is what I put down as the deadline to sign up, but I would accept more if they sign up this month.  I can only take two more for the room I’m using, but that’s two more to interact with and enjoy myself teaching.  SO we will see what happens.

THe middle one is still at church camp and the oldest one is still working–I’m glad she’s been able to keep this job even though it’s not her favorite thing to do–keep up with kids.  At least she will learn something about raising kids from it.  That’s how I’m looking at it.  Some days she enjoys it more than others.

I read through a new writing book last night–642 THings to Write About.  It had a lot of good prompts in it–but I think I will give it to my middle daughter instead of keeping it for myself.  I may write off some things in it, but I’m not going to write IN it.  I’ll give it to her since she does enjoy writing fiction so much.

WEnt to try to buy Bob a birthday present yesterday and I was all the way down to signing the check for a gift card when the guy behind the counter says, “Are you writing a check?”

I just stared up at him.  “Yes,” I said, suddenly wary and wondering what level of intelligence I was dealing with.  He said they didn’t take checks.  I was really a little pissed off that he waited SO LONG to tell me this, so I didn’t buy the gift there.  I’ll get it somewhere else.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


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