Funeral Day

Got the news yesterday that a extended family member had died–I was so frustrated with my mother in that I had to read it on Facebook first and then call her for the information. He was my uncle by second marriage to an aunt we lost years ago to cancer, my daddy’s oldest sister.  Since then he had married my mother’s former sister-in-law, whose first husband had been my mom’s brother.  So he was stepfather to four of my cousins on my mom’s side as well as one cousin on my dad’s side.  (I know that sounds weird but it really isn’t–everybody is kin to everybody where I come from, one way or another.)

I’m not really sad in that he was 82 years old and had lived a good life.  He had been sick with fluid on his heart for about a month, and he just finally gave out.  I do feel sorry for his wife in that this is the second husband that she’s buried and that can’t feel good.  ANd my cousins for losing another father figure.  But they’re all grown now and weren’t when their father died so it’s not quite the tragedy that was.  But Bob and I are going to the funeral this afternoon.

I know the church they’re having it at but it’s been so long since I lived there I had forgotten how to get to it.  So I had to hunt up directions on the computer through MapQuest, which were different from the ones Daddy gave me.  So we’ll go with what Daddy said instead–it’s far enough back in the country that MapQuest may not know what it’s talking about :).

So that is the agenda for today.  I do hope to see my cousins and all for at least a bit–I don’t get up there often enough to do that. SO pray that we have speedy travel and aren’t late.  Thanks to all for your prayers for my family.


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