Talking About Bipolar Disorder

Had a church friend come to me yesterday and say he wanted to sit down and talk to me about his son and the possibility that he might be exhibiting bipolar symptoms.  I explored it a bit with him and his wife and they are concerned about his moods.  They said he had exaggerated reactions to events, many characteristics they felt were OCD, and were worried about his stability in that he broke up with his longtime girlfriend without warning  They were both vague about what they were seeing, so I gave them my blog and told them to read up on my story and see if they could see any similarities or parallels to their son’s life.  Both said that since he was a doctor, he likely wouldn’t admit to anything in talking to them, but they didn’t know much to do besides try to talk him into seeing a counselor or a psychiatrist.

All I know to do is refer people to professionals and if they ask, tell them about my experiences.  I don’t claim to be an expert, just a survivor of my diagnosis. I’m glad I’ve been open about my experience so that I can point people in the correct direction.  THat’s what I want to do with the blog and any work I might publish about it–point people towards help and hope that they can get through the symptoms and diagnosis and still live a fulfilling life within the parameters their illness gives them.


2 thoughts on “Talking About Bipolar Disorder

  1. I hope so. Sometimes I feel like I’m just paddling as fast as I can to stay in one place. We will see how things go with this couple and their son. I hope he can get help if he needs it.


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