One Week

One more week and I’ll be in surgery for a hysterectomy.  I really, really hope this takes care of my problems.  I can’t imagine why it shouldn’t unless there’s something seriously wrong they don’t know about yet.  I’m praying against that so I hope everything just goes off without a hitch.  At least I’ll come home to a clean house because my ladies will be here to help Tuesday while I”m at the hospital.  We will see how it goes.

So tired.  I guess I’ll take another Coke at lunch and try to wake up some more.

We’re getting ready for the last dance competition. Not going too far this time, just down to Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Then we’re through with dance practice until Labor Day.  I’m saving the last of my books for the trip–Iv’e got two novels, an essay collection, and four books of poetry to read.  I think I’ll take the novels and the collection on the trip to read and see how they could go. I”ll take another break from blogging because I don’t think the venue will have access.

Hope everyone had a good week!

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