Sorry, life got in the way of my updating much last week, and then we were gone to dance competition.  Our girls won four out of the top five places in their category, so they received trophies and were proud of themselves.  We came home early because the youngest got sick at six a.m. yesterday so we missed Sunday’s classes and came on home.  She’s rested up now and is gone with my parents along with the middle one to see my parents so I can recover somewhat in peace after tomorrow.

I have to get there at six a.m. at the surgery center for a seven-ten a.m. surgery.  So we will be very, very early risers tomorrow morning.  I’m the first surgery of the day, so I hope that’s a good omen.  My surgeon says she’s a morning person, so hopefully she will not be too sleepy to get everything done right.  All I know is I am ready to get this over with and get into the recovery period and get that over with as soon as possible as well.  It’s been a long time coming, but hopefully it will resolve my problems in due time and I can put all of it behind me soon. Prayers for a good recovery are much appreciated.

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