Made it Through!

So far I seem to be handling things okay.  I’m sore, even with the pain medication, but ii’s not horrifying pain so I can handle it thus far.  I spent the day of the operation sleeping afterwards and snoring like a chainsaw according to Bob.  The doctor said hat everything looked fine–I did have fibroids and they were going to be biopsied with a pathologist looking into them, so that was reassuring and scary at the same time.  Reassuring in that there really was a reason for the bleeding but waiting for the other shoe to drop of  the path report being the scary part.

I’m staying still but busy catching up on email and blogging.  My younger two daughters should soon be home; the older middle one can take care of the youngest while I’m down, so that is reassuring as well.  The middle one starts band camp next week so we wills see very little of her at that point.  I’m not sure when my oldest finishes her job–I want to say after August first but I’m not positive.  She moves back to school August 15, about a month from now.  And I start classes at some point that next week as well.

I didn’t do any reading in the hospital–I was too sleepy and knew I would not remember what I read.  I spent most of yesterday trying to empty my bladder enough to be discharged and was finally let go around 3:20 p.m.  A friend of ours brought food around 5:30 p.m. and that was delicious–chicken pie, corn, blackeyed peas, green salad, and fruit salad.  Very good and very good of her to do.  We’ll be eating leftovers of it for lunch today.  Getting all my nutrients and that sort of thing to I can heal up faster.

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