I’m making it better today.  I don’t hurt as much–yesterday I had pain even with the painkillers so that wasn’t any fun.  My only worry is that my entire belly button region has turned purple. It’s not feverish- feeling or hurting, so I don’t have a need to call the doctor, I don’t think.  I’ll wait and see how it does over the weekend.

Everyone is pitching in and helping.  That’s always a good thing.  Between the girls we got the sheets washed from Tuesday’s changing, so that’s taken care of.  I caught up all the laundry before I left for the operation, so that will only need worrying about this weekend.  I’m not sleepy like I was yesterday so that is good.  I’m just reading news and all on facebook and news sites–I dont’ think I need to try to read my school reading because I’m not sure I’d remember it.  🙂

We’re getting fed good–our Sunday School class has been bringing by dinner at night and we’ve been having the leftovers for lunch.  Last night was lasagne.  So good!

I think I may go move around some more  Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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