Slowly Getting Back Up To Speed

I doing laundry now and cooking, so I am slowly returning to normal activity. Went to church last night and enjoyed that–my first trip back since my surgery.  I picked up the little one from camp yesterday and she slept so hard last night she didn’t wake up at 6 like she normally does.  BUt she said she had a good time, so that was good to hear.

School for her and the middle one starts one week from today.   SO we still have a lot to do to get ready. But it wil be fine.  It’s the little one’s last year of elementary school–next year she’ll be a middle schooler and the middle one will be a senior.  So a lot of transition coming up in the coming years.

My mood has stayed pretty stable through this month.  I’m still excited to start school myself on the 20th.  I start teaching my homeschoolers on August 7, so I have that to look forward to as well.  I drew up their assignment lists yesterday so I will have that ready.  I have my readings and my books ready to discuss from so I feel prepared. It’s just a fun class giving them a taste of creative writing in four genres–nothing too serious.  I don’t do a grammar lesson, etc because They’re supposed to be juniors and seniors in their curriculum before I get them, so they should be fluent in that already.  So we just have fun.

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