So today we held party primaries to see who the nominees were for statewide and county offices.  THe most important election locally is for Superintendent of Education in the county I live in.  THe longtime office holder has finally stepped down after several ethics investigations that all mysteriously came out in his favor–so we have a chance to get someone honest in there who will maybe do what’s right instead of blowing with the prevailing political winds.  The schools are in dire need of systematic discipline and higher academic standards.  So that is what we are hoping for in this election.

I’ll run some more errands this afternoon–getting money out for school, getting gas, picking up some things at the grocery store.  So that is the rest of the agenda for today.  Nothing exciting–just a normal day.  I’m having more and more of those as days go by  Hopefully it will stay that way and I can continue to add in work and projects that mean something to me once I start school.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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