Should Have Known Better

than to brag on how well things were going yesterday.  Today I feel low with low energy and motivation.  Good thing I see my psychiatrist tomorrow.  I don’t know what’s happened. Maybe I just somehow overdid yesterday. But I feel very tired and discouraged today.  And I don’t know why.

The election turned out well for superintendent of education–the woman I voted for won without a run-off, so hopefully things can be turned around in our district in the next few years.  THe usual shenanigans went on in other races, but that’s only interesting to people from around here, so I won’t bore you with that.

My kids start school tomorrow.  The small one goes to fifth grade and the middle one goes to eleventh. My oldest moves back into her dorm the 15th.  So that is a  lot of excitement going on tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get out of bed and help them with everything if they need it.  We will see.  The next day I start my homeschooling class so I need to prepare for that lecture and get all my materials together tomorrow.  Looking forward to meeting the girls I’ll be teaching and getting to know them over the next two months.

Pray that I”ll wake up and be able to do more today. I sure don’t feel like it, but that’s no excuse.  Thanks for thinking about me.



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