Preparing For School

Trying to figure out what to buy to go on the new laptop/tablet.  Wrote to the professor and got some information, so I am giving those recommendations consideration.  Very irritating process.  I hate buying new computers.  But this laptop is pretty old and creaky and may not do everything I need.  So I am in the market and will likely buy it this week.

Also trying to work up the courage to pick up one of the novels I need to read again.  I hate Civil War fiction.  Violent, racial, and disturbing.  I’d much rather read a history book about it rather than fiction.

Not as sleepy as usual. So that is a good sign that maybe this remission thing is holding up.  Trying to get things done around the house without doing too much lifting.  But I go back to the doctor Wednesday and hopefully get cleared back for full activity.  Otherwise it’s another two to four weeks of restrictions.  I seem to have healed up fine everywhere so I’m hoping for a good report.

Hope everyone has a good week!


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