Katrina Was Here

So the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina will soon be here.  August 29. It doesn’t seem like ten years ago.  I can look at my children and see how much time has passed, but I don’t feel the time passing. I guess it’s because I’ve spent so much time in a blur since then.

I know the local media is going to do some retrospective stuff–I know most of the stories will be positive about how much the truly affected areas have recovered, but some will be depressing as well.  I just have to avoid it as much as I can so I won’t flip out.  So that is what I talked to my counselor about today.

She had me rehash all that happened that year I think to see how I reacted to remembering it in a safe environment like her office.  I got weak in the knees the longer I talked.  It was really a little unnerving to go back over it all.  So now i know how it can make me feel–I just need to watch out for that and make sure my Klonopin prescription is up to date :).

We will see how this goes.


2 thoughts on “Katrina Was Here

  1. Good grief, 10 years… What I remember about it, is that it was the worst and first time I’d ever seen a true picture of the poverty and vulnerable lives in America. We have a different idea of first world countries over here.


  2. It was weird. Mississippi people didn’t suffer quite the same as Louisiana people because our government was slightly more competent. But the actual hurricane eye didn’t go over New Orleans–the eye went over Waveland/Diamondhead, Mississippi SO we had more extensive damage throughout every county of MIssissippi because it actually covered the whole state before it turned into just a tropical storm. Very sad time..


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