Old Friends

Saw my old college roommate today for the first time since we finished school.  We’ve kept up over the years but she came back to the university for a conference and was going down to see her father on the Coast and graciously offered to meet me for lunch on her way.  We had such a good talk catching up on so many things you just can’t get to in a Facebook post. I keep saying that no friends are like old friends–you just pick up where you left off and share your lives with each other.

She has had a hard time of it–her husband has had cancer twice and may have it again; they’re going to biopsy next week.  He also suffers from recurrent unipolar depression, which is different from my style, but we understand what the other is talking about when we talk about it.  She is so much smarter than I am I can barely talk to her about work because I don’t quite understand all that she does except she works on making better storage batteries for energy.  She was into hydrogen batteries for cars for  a while, and now she seems to be into storage batteries for sustainable energy,  Brilliant woman.

I had my homeschool class before that, and it went well.  They read their essays and talked about revisions to make to them.  I taught them my favorite tool for revision–using highlighters, either on paper or on the computer, to mark areas depending on what they were revising for.  Today we highlighted for sensory detail, making sure all senses were represented and that they understood why they might favor one sense over the other depending on their writing goals for the piece.  So that was fun.

ONly 25 more views or me to hit 5,000!  Drop by a visit for a while if you want–hope everyone has a good weekend!

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