Money, Money, Money

Cashed my checks finally for my homeschool money and went out and bought music.  I found a gold mine at Barnes and Noble–older CD’s priced at $4.99 each  I got a lot of those plus some $9.99 and a very few regular priced CD’s.  I bought 26 CD”s total and still had almost $100 left after the 10% member discount.  I’m going to open them all this afternoon and keep them in the car to listen to as I go along, since my kids and husband don’t  always share my taste in music.

I  bought mostly music, from Elvis to Broadway to Henry Mancini.  A few comedy albums are in there, Don RIckels  and Bob Newhart and someone else I can’t remember right now.  But I’m really excited to be listening to them all and look forward to picking and choosing what I’m in the mood for.

Was I manic?  No, not really.  It wasn’t enough money to do anything significant with, like buy a new computer or software for school. I have enough clothes and shoes that fit. I updated my nightwear with the last homeschooling money. I don’t know of any more books I really wanted to buy.  I don’t need anything for the house.  SO I decided since music makes me happy, I’d buy music.  So that’s what I did.

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