First Day of Class

Got up on time and went immediately to my school’s website to see if my course was active yet.  It was–It’s called “Wiring for New Media” and will involve a good many social media projects over the course of the semester.  So we will see how it goes.  I printed the syllabus and participated in the first class exercise, which is a discussion of what new media is and what we want to get out of the class.  SO that was interesting but didn’t take long.  I’m interested in seeing how “on the ball” the rest of my classmates are–how soon/often they participate, etc.  I’m excited about the whole semester so I am trying to be proactive and as participatory as possible.

So that was just about all there was to my first day.  I answered a message about when I would be available for video conferencing and turned in my preferences.  Next week should be more intense once we start reading and doing exercises for the course.  We will see how it goes.  I’m going to be doing a lot that I’ve never done before on the computer so that will be a steep learning curve for me. I’ll have to pick up a lot in a short time.

I haven’t gotten my disability plan yet–I got an email about it asking when I could “meet” about it–I replied that I was 2 hours away and wasn’t going to be on campus until October for the residency.  I never heard back, so today I emailed my department head about it.  So hopefully I will hear something soon.

ANd I found out something REALLY neat about the short residency–one of the speakers is PJ O’Rourke, one of my favorite political commentators!  I’ve got several of his book and plan to ask him to autograph one unless he’s selling a new one-then I’ll buy it and ask him to sign it.  I remember interviewing another of my political comedy heroes very early in my freelance career, Steve Allen. Funny, funny.  Hope PJ is as good in person as he is in print.

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