First Peer Review

So I turned in my video introducing myself to the class for New Media and have gotten my first feedback on it, much of it positive.  A few quibbles with technique, which are fine because I really had no idea what I was doing anyway.  If they can share ways to fix it, I’ll gladly listen.  I’m still not happy with the video because I felt like I looked fat and old, but I hope no one points that out! 🙂

Next week we turn in an emblem, a photo with a text attached.  I’m going to write about my one serious suicide attempt with a juxtaposition with  a calm nature scene.  I’ll explain the juxtaposition in the text itself, so I hope everyone “gets it”.  My professor is a poet by trade, so his example is much more elegant-sounding than mine will be.  I just hope again that people get what I’m trying to say with mine.  We will see.

I have some heavy reading this week with the class, with a writer talking about Fascist vs. Marxist ideas of art and the politics of mechanical dissemination of art.  It’s going to be hard sledding, but I think I will get it figured out given a week to read forty pages.  I really do feel comfortable in the class, moreso than I thought I might.  We will see how it goes as we go deeper.


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