Trying to Recover

I have had a bad case of GERD this past week and am just now starting to get it under control with diet and meds. I’ve been in a lot of pain and not able to sleep because of it.  Today I had to stay down for a while so that I wouldn’t throw up at some point.  I’m trying to control what I eat better and stay away from the cokes.  But that’s a bit of a whammy because I am so very sleepy from the meds.  And of course, no doctors were open today because of the holiday. So I don’t feel well and can’t figure out any more to do than what I’m doing,.

Bob and the girls are playing games this morning. We’re going to eat at a Southern-lunch place and then go grocery shopping Hopefully I can continue to feeling better.

Our pastor has been preaching about fulfilling the God-sixed dream God has for your life.  I feel tht mine has something to do with reaching out to people who suffer from mental illness and giving them hope for life.  I feel like I’m doing that through the blog and through the other work I’m doing, but I want to do more without getting swallowed up and not being able to take care of my other responsibilities.  I’m trying to get up the courage to start querying agents about my bipolar manuscript.  But I have such bad luck with that kind of thing. I want a really clear reading on who to send to and who will be sympathetic to it.  ANd wondering if I just need to wait until I take it to my professors and le them work it over for my thesis.   I just don’t’ know yet.

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