So WE Will See

It may be my gallbladder after all instead of just GERD, and that means it’s going to have to come out sooner or later.  So for now I am on a stronger acid reducer in hopes that we can get the worst of the symptoms under control until I feel like having my gallbladder out.  I want to wait until after my class in October at least. say the week after that and see what we can do>  I go back in a week and see how I’m feeling then.

Wonderful day today in that I cut all the cokes due to the acid and I haven’t been sleepy since this morning! I’m very excited about this and wonder if GOd is healing me also of the side effects of my meds.  That would be a wonderful thing not to be sleepy all the time.

Had the  conference and all with my professor this morning and hope to do well in the big class conference this Thursday.  I’ve done my meme but wtn my daughter to look at it and see if it “looks right”.  I told him my idea and he seemed to think it was funny, so that is what I will go with.  I need to do my reading and discussion soon too; it being a short week had thrown my schedule off some.  But I will get it all done.  I know I will ! 🙂


2 thoughts on “So WE Will See”

    1. I’ve known Ive had gallstones for almost a year now–I found out on a CT scan. SO we think they’ve a just acting up a little bit. I go back in a week and wil find out if I need to go ahead and do it


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