So yesterday I was in the hospital for testing and they did determine that I had gallstones that needed to be out.  So I am waiting on a referral to a surgeon and we will see what go on from there.  I dont’ know when I”ll have it or when I’ll be recovered–I hope to either do it very soon so I can go to my class in October or if I can’t to put it off until after my class in October,

Got the word that I have been approved to speak at my church about my testimony about my remission from bipolar disorder.  I’m really looking forward to that and hope it goes well. I’ll be speaking this Sunday morning. Pray that I will remember all the right words and that God is glorified.

Going out on a lunch date with Bob today in about an hour.  I’ve been on a bland diet since the trouble started with ny reflux and I told him I wanted something that tasted good but wouldn’t hurt me,. So we settled on a country blue-plate special place and I”ll be leaving for that in just a little while.

Bob met the middle daughter’s new ‘friend-boy” last night at church–they only spoke for a minute but I think it went well.  I supposed we’ll have to get used to this kind of thing soon enough.  They already have plans to go to the Homecoming dance together so that will be their official first date after him coming to our house, I think. So we will see how this one goes Saturday night.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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