Surgery Again!

3rd one this year!  I’m up to have gallbladder surgery on September 23, next Wednesday,.  Hopefully this one will close out the year and I’ll go back to being healthy as a horse from here on out!

Got my assignment turned in to create an internet meme and am getting feedback from my fellow class members.  I really enjoy reading comments–everyone really tries to be upbeat and positive even when criticizing something.  It’s a healthy atmosphere so far. Which I am thankful for.

Go see my therapist tomorrow and I think we may discuss going to even longer in between appointments.  I’m not really having major issues right now, and that money can go towards Christmas for the girls.  I’ll have to talk it over with her and see what she thinks.   I’m really doing well and would like to keep it that way, and if continuing to go will do that, that’s all right too.


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