My internet has been wonky all day long and now I finally get to post.  Talked to my therapist today and we worked out a plan for this grocery-store problem.  So hopefully I won’t be having any more anxiety about going.  We will see. Talked to her about my studies and how I’m having a hard time taking it seriously since we’re doing silly projects.  We will see what comes in the longer projects.  Hopefully they will be worth the while and I can do something neat with them.

Gotten a lot of good response from people about my speaking at church–people talked to me today about giving people hope.  That’s what I’ve tried to do this whole time ever since I was diagnosed and even more so once I got saved. I really wish I could thank all the people who’ve been good to me throughout this whole ordeal  I dont’ know how to–I know there were times when I was hard to live with.  But I made it with GOd’s help and everyone else’s.

I’m a bit at a loss on how to focus my blogging. I’m not living so much a bipolar life right now.  I’m going to think and pray about it and see where I need to focus my time.  Pray for me as I figure this out.


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