More Mind-Blowing

Have to do a short paper on a  selected electronic poem.  Just finished viewing one written with aid of a random computer algorithm. It seemed completely random until I came upon “XANAX” spelled out using capital A’s.  That one seemed planned 🙂  I get the feeling I could write ANYTHING I wanted to about it and be right,  I”ll have to keep looking at it to see if any of it makes sense.

Bob is home sick today.  He started throwing up this morning.  Hopefully it won’t last long–he’s not a bad patient, but he hates just sitting around and not accomplishing something in the day.

I have a video conference tonight that I can hopefully make the computer work and participate.  Here’s hoping.  I love that technology makes this possible, but I feel like an idiot trying to make it work. I wish the computer would accept voice commands, but it probably wouldn’t be able to understand my Southern accent. 🙂

I’ve wanted to sleep some today, but my cough won’t let me lie down comfortably.  I slept most of yesterday just because. I was tired and felt like I needed sleep.  So I did.

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