My Cousin

Finally got my cousin to answer the phone today after getting his number from mom this weekend.  THis one is the one that has just been diagnosed bipolar. He’s left his wife of 15 years and says he wants out of the marriage.  SO I talked to him today.

Definitely manic.  Carrying on and laughing with me the entire conversation–even when talking about suicide and depression.  He said for him that things were always really good or really bad, and he’d been that way his whole life.  He’s had a difficult life–his mother died when he was young, he’s had two wives cheat on him, he had his home destroyed by a tornado–on and on and on.  He said he’d been given a medication and he didnt’ like the way it made him feel–after some questioning, he said it made him want to cry all the time.  He said that when he could stay focused, he felt like he could control his mood swings, but when he got “agitated” he couldn’t.

I talked to him about doing things that didn’t make sense–about impaired insight and mixed states and my little trip off to Louisiana and  my suicide attempt and how all of that could really, really hurt you.  I asked him to please, please follow up with a doctor and  try other medications and see how they affected him.  And I asked that he let his wife stand with him if she were willing because of how much help Bob had been to me.    He didn’t argue with me or get hostile for me interfering in his business.  So I thought it was a successful discussion, especially when he asked if he could call me if he needed to talk,

So we will see how this goes.  Pray for him and his family that they can come back together and have a successful marriage and life even with a diagnosis like this one.  ANd pray that if he calls, I know what to say.

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