Bad Day

Had a horrid night list night with this cough I’ve got.  And so therefore I’ve felt rotten today.  I am tired of being a good patient.  I’v had three surgeries in seven months and I am tired of being rushed through recovery and having to take up all the slack as soon as I can,  I need a serious rest.  I wish we could schedule a getaway for a few days and just relax. But there’s just too much going on for that to happen  I’m afraid.

ANd I’m nervous about a paper I have coming up.  I haven’t written a paper for a grade in over 20 years. I’m scared that I  don’t know how it’s supposed to be done any more.  I’ll just have to get it done and see what happens. But that doesn’t stop me from being anxious about it,

I finally just sat down and cried and I think got it all out of my system.  At least I hope so.  Bob’s going to be home soon enough.

Hope everyone has a good week.  And I hope I can sleep tonight.


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