Better Day

I feel some better.  I slept on the couch last night and got some relief from the cough from being propped up halfway.  So I don’t feel so bad,  Followed up with my doctor about my cholesterol and  got a z-pac prescription and a safe OTC cough syrup from him.  So I’m looking forward to better sleep tonight and being able to work on my class assignment tomorrow.  I printed the work I’m reviewing off yesterday and look to write my paper tomorrow, revise it on Thursday, and send it on Friday.  Iv’e been  thinking about it since it was assigned so I think I will have it in hand once I start typing.

I still can’t do any significant house work lifting anything like laundry etc. for a while, so I’m not sure how it’s all gong to get done.  I may just have to do it myself anyway.  I may talk my youngest into helping this afternoon.  That’s the only solution I see so far is for her to actually put the in and out of the machines and me just tell her what to do.  We will see.

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