Much Better Day!

Had a very frustrating morning working on a story for my college class.  I was trying to do fancy work with hyperlinks and bookmarks within the story and it was not going well.  At 10:30 I gave up and started getting ready to go out to lunch with a friend.  We had a great visit–I came back and started again, having figured out finally what I was doing wrong.  So that is safely turned in and now I have to finish the review of the electronic poem I picked out and finish the reading for the class.  And do the conference tonight.

My friend and I talked for a while about how things were going for each of us.  She had seen me speak out in church about how things were going with my illness and wanted to know more about that.  SO I was encouraged by reminding myself at how well and how far I have come and how this week has just been a little setback.  We just had fun talking about where our lives were going and how God was working in our lives.

So on the downslope of the week things are going well. I feel better and confident that I can do what I need to do and get it done on time.  Here’s to everyone having a good weekend!


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