Monday Off

Sort of.  My kids were off school, but I went to a parent-teacher conference for my youngest, did schoolwork, had a teleconference with my professor, went to lunch as a family with Bob, and then went shopping for the small one for some fall-weather clothes.  SO it has been busy.

My department head at my school has had a very good idea for me.  I have my week at school coming up, and he suggested that I meet with a counselor on campus early in the week to kind of have a meet-and-greet with her so that she will be familiar with my issues and can help me in case I get into some kind of crisis when I get there.  I thought that was very thoughtful fo him to try to make sure that I was going to be all right.  I think it will make BOb feel better too. So that is set up now and reassuring to me.    I think I’m going to enjoy the conference.  We have private meetings set up with the authors and all kinds of things going on.  So I am looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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