Now We Have A PRoblem

My husband’s company just switched insurance companies, and they are refusing to cover my Abilify, generic or brand name.  THe prescription is close to $1000/month without insurance.  So I am meeting my doctor to see if we can find something equivalent to try.  There is a process to try to get them to cover it, but the office manager at my psychiatrist’s office flatly refused to do it.  She said it was just a process they set up so they could cover themselves denying it anyway.  I absolutely do not know what to do. There doesn’t seem to be an equivalent mood stabilizer out there., I don’t’ want to jeopardize my remission by messing with my cocktail right now. I’ve been on Abilify since the beginning at a higher dose then, but I just don’t’ know what will happen if I have to do without it.

WEnt back to my surgeon and he said everything seemed to be healing. So that was some good news.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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