Well, tonight I take my last Abilify and start on Geodon the next day.  If anyone has any experience with Geodon, please leave me some notes in the comments.  I’m really nervous about making a change of any kind and seeing what might happen with my stability.  WIsh I could communicate that somehow to all the players involved–my doctor, the insurance people, the pharmacy ( who have actually been stand-up people through it all.  )  WE will see.

Most everything else is going well–I’m packing to go to the class I’m going to next week at the W and trying to make sure I have everything covered.  Rereading some of the books to inspire my discussion of them during the class.  Keeping up with 12 books, half of them poetry, is a bit of a task.  The poetry isn’t particularly memoriable as the books are.  So that’s been interesting.


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