Fun Day So Far

Went out to eat with Bob and got Bananas Foster French Toast at  Hear and Soul. Restaurant, a really good local joint.  Worked on schoolwork this morning and am still in the planning for my trip Sunday up to school for my week-long class.  Got the library books I need for it excepf for one–which is the one I really need since I plan to write on it for my assignment for it.  I just hope it’s not checked out and I can get it before I leave.  It’ s on order from another library.

I need to do my grading for my homeschool class.  I’ve just had a hard time doing everything.  I have them graded, I just need to send out the letter explaining their grades.  Hopefully I can do that before I leave.  I’m tempted to do it over email instead of sending it out, but I told them I’d send their manuscripts back, so I’d better do that.

I’ve been in an 80’s mood the past few days.  A long-ago exchange student at my high school posted a Duran Duran music video on Facebook the other day and it just put me in a mood to listen to them. So I’ve been listening to a “Greatest Hits ” album we have of them,  So that’s been fun. Makes me think of my senior year of high school–the only year I really enjoyed.

So tonight I start on Geodon.    Wish me luck.


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