Good Day so Far

So far I seem to be handling the med change.  I’ve been sleepier than usual it seems so I drank some extra Dr. Pepper and have been pretty alert since then.  I picked up my final book for my class from the library and look forward to doing my paper on it soon.  I did some more grocery shopping to end out the week and will have  a good time cooking all that up over the weekend.

I think the kids are okay with me being gone since it’s not a hospitalization or something like that, something bad.  I’m planning to talk to them every night and let them know things are going well. So I have that in place. I think Bob is okay with it, too–so we’ll talk to each other every night, too.  I won’t have WiFi in my room so the phone will be the better thing to do.

Trying to schedule a lot of stuff out into he future.  The middle daughter needs her wisdom teeth out and so we’re going to do it over Christmas break.  And we have her ACT scheduled the weekend before the holidays.  So that is set up.  It’s all a little crazy to set up so far in advance.  But that’s the way it has to be.


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