Finally Finished

I finished all my commenting on the discussions on my upcoming class and got in my opinions on the books we had to read for it.  All twelve of them along with the weekly discussion on my   New Media class. Next week I get to talk to the authors of these books and see exactly what they had in mind.  So that will be fun.

I’ve got my clothes ready and only need to pack my necessities on Sunday.  So I feel prepared for the trip.  I have a street address for the place I’m going to so I can enter it into the Magellan GPS I have so that will be a big help. Everything seems to be lining up well for the trip so I am glad of that.

I’m still feeling pretty good with this new medina, Geodon. That’s what counts so I am feeling good about going on the trip and it being smooth sailing.

My oldest called this afternoon with a list of things she wants me to bring up there.  Silly girl. But I’ll pack it all and try to get it to her Sunday night.   I can’t find the pair of shoes she wants; she says she can’t wear the heels I found and needs the others.  She left her room in a mess so it’s hard to find anything.  So I will look for them, but not very hard.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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