I am sitting out in the dark at our conference center which does not have internet access in our rooms. SO I am sitting in front of the doors of the man center as the WiFi does extend.a few feet outside the doors.  I can hear some road noise but mostly crickets and frogs.  I’m trying to figure our how to balance this laptop on my knees so I can type.  But it has been a very good day, so I cannot complain too much. WE spent most of the day discussing the books for our class led by the director of the MFA program and will have more discussions tomorrow before the symposium officially starts on Thursday,  THen we spent the afternoon gong to locations for our geopoem we are doing for the new media class.

We went to different locations around town and took pictures and will tweet them along with hashtags and a line of ooerty on Twitter.  THey can be read as individual poems on our twitter accounts or assemble the lines from the hashtags for each location and read our lines of poetry together as ordered by our hashtags. Complex little assignment, but I am getting the hang of it.  I don’t think I’ll work on that tonight,; I[ll just do this blog post and then go to bed.  Bob and the girls seem to be doing well and everything is fine on the homefront. Keep thinking about me as I continue in this program.


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