Computer Woes

I wrote a very nice 500 word post Friday only to see the computer eat it.  So I gave up until I got home to my usual internet connection.  ANyway.

The end of the symposium was really great.  We had a gala dinner with PJ O’Rourke as the guest speaker on Friday night.  He was amazing to hear in person. Just as funny as always.  He talked about the 2016 presidential race, and that was funny.  I saw my oldest daughter there–she’s required to attend for her scholarship.  She breezed by me, said hello, introduced me to her roommate and other friends, and then disappeared.  Which I thought was healthy.

So now I have to write a paper for the symposium and catch up on the New Media stuff.  I have a project worked up for my first portfolio workshop.  It’s an extension of my electronic poem. I added two more stanzas for the workshop and will add music for the final project.  I need to work up my map project and work on my hypertext project.  Then I think I’ll make a book trailer for what I hope will be my second book, Rollerskating Over Forty.  I think that’s all I’ll have to do,  That’s four projects.  I’ll talk to my professor about them this morning.


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