Getting Back in Gear

Putting together laundry and dinner as usual.  Bob sighed when I said we were having red beans and arice.  I guess I’m cooking it too often.  I’ll try and lay off for a while.  Doing peer reviews and assignment for the New Media class. Life is going on as usual. I ran a bunch of errands this morning for candy, medicine, orange juice, and photos for my new Geopoem about Brandon. A few pictures it was raining to much for me to get my computer out.  So I’ll have to get them later.

We’re experiencing the leftovers of Patricia after it hit Mexico,  We’ve had rain the past few days when we haven’t had hardly any for the past two months.  We usually have wet Novembers though, so maybe that will make it up.  WE lost power yesterday twice but have been all right today.

My med change has gone really well, better than I had any right to expect.  I hope they cover the rest of my meds and I don’t have to change any more.  THat was not a change I was ready to make before I left.  But aside from that one bit of nerves the first day and the one night that I didn’t sleep, I think I’m doing really well.


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